Monday, September 20, 2010


Since I am way not hip enough for any other palooza I've decided to go with apples. This palooza is held in a kitchen and there is an IPOD playing loud and cool music. Really.

There is a woman down the street from me that has two apple trees in her yard that have produced an unbelievable crop this year. In passing one day, Max spoke with her and she told him to take what he wanted, she didn't use them. Did my ears hear that correctly? Didn't use them? Okay, I have no pride when it comes to food so I knocked on her door and sure enough, they were free for the taking.

Do you know anyone that has fruit trees or rhubarb or grapes that just go to waste? There are sights online set up for buying, selling and trading extras. Check out The Farmer's Garden or Veggie Trader and search by location. Unfortunately no one in my area has yet to hop on board but I'll keep checking. At any rate, if you have extra consider giving it a try. Even better, donate to your local food pantry what you know you won't use. Fresh food is often hard for those in a tough situation to come by. I like to think Karen's apples will be packed in many lunchboxes.

I delivered two huge boxes to the food pantry this morning. The bushel I picked for us will be transformed into many apple projects that I look forward to sharing.

I know it'll be tough to wait so in the meantime...

Slice a bunch, toss them into a saute pan with lots of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Medium heat and let them go until they are tender and caramelized. Try them as a side or on oatmeal.

Top some premium vanilla ice cream while they're warm.

And I thought I wasn't hip.

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