Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Bye Summer!

Today, the last day of Summer 2010, I want to document a few of the simple things we enjoyed.

Hanging out on the porch. It's the perfect place to relax, have lunch, produce a "talk show" and catch up with friends and neighbors. It's also the perfect place to drink beer.

Our new stamped patio was poured. This is the first step in a huge project. Eventually, we'll have a plumbed outdoor kitchen with fireplace, wood-fired oven, grill and smoker. Doug has done a great job designing it and we look forward to beginning the building. We also look forward to the pizzas we will make.

Henry had his first lesson in cement work.

The ice cream man has returned to Prairie Street. Gone are the days of a 50 cent ice cream but the thrill is still the same.

We gathered lots of eggs.

My first baby turned 14. Jake is a great kid and caring brother. He cracks me up everyday. I love that about it him. He's not going to get any older, right?

We hosted the 2nd Annual Wing Thing to raise funds for Make-A-Wish. Thanks to family and friends we were able to send off $1800 to grant wishes for some deserving kids.

Once again, Doug killed it with the wings. Check out the chef's perfect shirt.

Wing Man. Get it? Hysterical but not easy to get him to wear! Thank you for honey making me laugh. (some more)

While we stayed close to home, we had a busy summer and though we're sad to see it go,

we are anxious to see what autumn will bring.

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Georgine said...

The patio looks good as does Jake's cake. I swear we will connect soon!