Thursday, September 16, 2010

On The Shelves

I haven't posted in awhile about books. A stalker of the shelves of my local library, my first stop is always new non-fiction for cookbooks. My last trip was rather lucrative including three of the above.

The River Cottage Preserves Book. I am still working my way through it but I am always a sucker for any preserving book. You may be familiar with the River Cottage Cookbook and River Cottage Family Cookbook, both include beautiful photography, recipes and info - even if you aren't going to slaughter a hog of your own.

Edible published the people of the Edible magazine available in virtually every city. I really love to pick up this seasonal publication, Edible Chicago, at my green market. A great cross section of people all over the country doing what I so admire. Isn't it always great to see local stuff you love highlighted in print?

Eating Local, a new book from Sur La Table. I don't frequent Sur La Table much. Duh, I am a W-S girl. Seriously, though geography keeps me away more than I'd like. The group of farms and farmer's they included were countrywide and inspirational. Great recipes and a super reason to just sit and dream.

Finally, though out of order, I have to include Cheese. No, not because it's a Williams-Sonoma publication but because it is a truly wonderful book. Nirvana for a cheese lover such as myself. The best part is the many ways to utilize those lovely cheeses beyond topping a salad or baguette and adorning a cheese platter.

Check them out, pour yourself a libation and read. Just don't drool on the pages.

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Georgine said...

I never think to go to the library for cookbooks. Thanks for the reminder. And the cheese book looks great.