Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Day of the Year + A Giveaway!

My favorite day of the year is the last day of school. Gone are the schedules and lunch packing (unless it's for a picnic), dinner can be later and days are longer. Add to that having my house full of the kids I love so dearly and life is good.

Now that everyone in the yellow house is older, summer changes a bit each year. There are fewer group outings, though they do humor me occasionally and the biggest are always going in different directions. Henry is content just being outside on his scooter from sun up till sun down. I am not sure what this summer will bring. I know chances of their complete attention, like in the old days are slim to none. But, the energy in the house will be higher and the silence broke. I'll take whatever I can get.

Love child-infused days? I have a give away for you. Leave a comment sharing your favorite summer activity with children (yours or others) between now and Monday, June 13th (my favorite day of the year) and you may be the lucky recipient of this fun book. The perfect way to celebrate every day those kids find you more fascinating than anyone or anything else.

Craft away the days and enjoy every second.

Before too long the only one to listen to you will be the dog.

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Tara Burghart said...

Our favorite summer activity is swimming ... checking out all the amazing public pools we have in the far western suburbs of Chicago. My toddler loves to swim, and I do, too!