Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tin Cans Reinvented

We love to entertain and we hadn't done it up in a while so in homage to fathers everywhere, we boiled lobsters. I took the opportunity to set a big communal table in the yard and loaded my Grandmother's vintage Maytag with icy drinks. It also gave me the time to do a bit of crafting.

After poking through the garage one day, I came across a bag of tin cans, previously destined to become a robot. I love the looks of tin cans and their uses are endless long after the soup is gone. Since paper napkins always blow away when dining outdoors I decided to turn these long forgotten cans into utensil and napkin holders.

I chose large baked bean and tomato cans for this project.

I used 12" square scrapbook paper from the craft store, measured the can and then cut strips to fit.

When covering larger cans, the 12" paper comes up a bit short so I just patch in a piece. When using a heavier weight paper pull out the glue gun and for lighter weight paper you can manage with rubber cement.

To give then a nautical look, I used a length of laundry line and glued a loosely knotted piece around the middle.

I think they are really cute and  the possibilities are endless.

Happy Entertaining!

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Emily said...

Oh, I love them!! Good job, and the little knot makes them.