Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Roof Top Garden

This year we expanded our garden. The one on the ground and our new found roof top garden. Our bedroom opens onto the flat, black roof of the family room. What have we been thinking all these years wasting this perfect garden space?

Out of room in the ground level garden, I was able to plant up the wonderful heirloom tomatoes given to me by a talented gardener. The black plastic pots leftover from bushes bought to landscape the patio are the perfect size and free.

Here they are in their new home. It was raining, of course. I have since dug up some volunteer plants - what I think are cucumbers - to share garden space with the tomatoes. My thought is to place them on tarps to protect the roof and the vegetables from one another.

I feel so permaculture-y.

I also feel a bumper crop coming on.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I love found space!