Friday, May 1, 2009

Hive Sweet Hive

After following a master and receiving information only years of experience can impart, I arrived home with my bees. The ladies noisily arrived surrounding the queen tucked inside in her own little box within. Here the feeding can is pried from the box.

After a quick spray of simple syrup and a tap on the ground the queen is removed and the girls are delicately "dumped" into the brood box. I think my technique needs work but they seemed to have landed safely.

The little wooden box in the middle is the queen. It has a candy plug that she and her ladies in waiting eat through to free her. The others are gently brushed in before covering and setting in a feeding jar to get them started.

I am now the proud mother of another brood. I must admit that I do feel a bit giddy like a new mom. I am constantly looking out the window just to see the hive sitting in the corner of my garden. Anticipating. While I am grateful I won't be awakened every two hours as with a new baby, I do want to constantly check on them.

I have to wait a week before disturbing them. Until then, I'll enjoy looking out the window and knowing they are busy at work.

Thanks to Jake for acting as photographer. I think these are the first pictures of me since I delivered him. Ha,ha,ha!

No, seriously.


Georgine said...

Well, your post worked. I am so excited for you! But where is your netted hat? Happy Bee keeping!

Nathan said...

You are adorable and totally gutsy! I can't wait to watch this project!