Monday, May 4, 2009

Trees Should Be Climbed

I think kids should climb trees.

At the yellow house, we don't have trees for climbing. Big, old maples that drop loads of whirlygigs that sprout and need to be plucked. Thousands of sticks falling with the slightest of wind. Tons of leaves that fall - the last week of pick up. As grateful as we are for our troublesome trees, I am bummed we don't have tree-climbing trees.
Our neighbors have trees for climbing and are kind enough to let our kids climb. I envy them climbing so fearlessly. For me the best part of tree climbing was figuring out how to get where I wanted to go. Then being so proud when I got there, looking down from above.
It's a physical problem solving challenge kids embrace. It's a right of passage on the day you're tall enough to reach the bottom branch. It's the perfect thing to do afterschool on a spring day.
It's like going to a rock climbing facility, donning straps and headgear after signing a waiver and handing over $20.
I think kids should climb trees.

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Nathan said...

I agree with you pal and Max looks so fearless AND cute.