Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morels in May

There are many superstitions about morel hunting.

Here are a few...

#1 - Wait until after the first thunderstorm in May.
#2 - Wait until the apple blossoms fall.
#3 - Mother's Day weekend is prime time.
#4 - It should be warm enough not to wear a coat.
#5 - Don't carry a bag. If you do, you won't find anything.
#6 - Always leave one so there will be more.
#7 - Don't ever, ever share your hunting ground.

Today, I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and intuition tells me there will be more.

1 comment:

Georgine said...

Mention and you shall do! You just mentioned morels yesterday! Did you find a bunch? If you didn't carry a bag, how did you carry your booty?