Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Spring Garden

We are so excited about our little garden this year. It's starting to wake up and leaves us anticipating the wonderful meals we'll have this summer. The lettuce patch is starting to fill in nicely. This year we have more varieties than ever with two mesclun mixes, romaine, spinach and arugula.

The rhubarb was a gift from a friend years ago and is full of slender stalks. I've picked some already and can't decide what to make first. Compote, pie, crisp, fool, muffins or cake. I'm leaning towards a Lemon Buttermilk Rhubarb Bundt Cake.

Everyone loves sugar snap peas and they are so fun to grow. They are on a teepee and I think you can see them grow as the day progresses. These are Amish Snap Peas. The variegated leaves are so pretty. We'll cook them, make then into salads and eat them right off the vine.

I am so proud to have gotten the garden in so early this year. Usually the best laid plans don't work out and I scramble to do what I can. There is a lot more to come from our plot this year - we will eat well. Tomatoes, chard, garlic, carrots, beets, Rose Finn potatoes, honeydew melon, acorn squash, raspberries, broccoli and many, many herbs.

I can't wait.

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Georgine said...

I am so jealous! You are so lucky (and hard working) to have such a gorgeous and producing garden. Very cool!!!