Saturday, May 28, 2011

Five Stars

Last night the family attended a wonderful show, Dig It: A Musical Tale of Ancient Civilization.

The audience traveled through history all while seated on a bottom-numbing bleacher. Travels through the Egyptian tombs, empires of the east and ancient Greece left us entertained and historically enlightened. The finale, a toga party hosted by Romans was certainly a high point for all.

Elevating the show was fabulous song and dance by a well studied cast. Of the many stars of the show, there were 78, one was stand out.

Ella Downing, playing the part of Romulus, spoke strongly and with emotion. In a drama-follows- life-role, the part demanded she knock her brother Remus on the head with a rock. The execution was flawless. Truly a part she was prepared for and made to play.

While not her first production this grateful fan of the arts is confident we will be seeing more of the many talents of this rising starlet.

This reviewer give Dig It five stars!

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