Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Must Have...

A slow cooker. I don't care if you are what some call a "gourmet cook" you must have a slow cooker or crock pot in real people vernacular. There are super fancy ones like the All-Clad variety or there are the really affordable type that you can pick up at Kohl's or Aldi. I tend to feel that a crock pot (ahem..slow cooker) is just a crock pot. Fancy bells and whistle or no - they both get dinner on the table on an insanely busy day.

Even the uninitiated cook can make a super meal say with a decent piece of meat and some broth. Crock pots essentially braise so think tough, inexpensive cuts, chicken on the bone.

On this particular day believe I had some onions, a piece of pork shoulder, some of Daddy's fabulous Green sauce and obviously limes and avocados.

I am not sure I remember correctly but think I put this together on a night I had a class and the end result was served on whole wheat tortillas with guac. Perhaps there was rice and fruit. I am sure I remember correctly that you said it was delicious and you were all well fed with real food.

At the end of the day that's super important to me and I just wanted you to know.


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