Thursday, May 5, 2011

Food Snob Seeks Banana Bread

I am not fond of the term foodie. I abhor the thought that local or organic food is elitist. I have four kids and there is nothing elitist about my budget or my grocery list. I recently had a minor (really minor) revelation about the most basic of homemade foods. Banana bread. (I told you it was minor) I've never posted a banana bread recipe and quite honestly have avoided it for blog purposes. Making banana bread for anything "special" is so prosaic. Prosaic is even too fancy a word for banana bread. So really, I am a food snob, aren't I?

But, doesn't everyone have memories of mom's banana bread? Who hasn't made a loaf to save sad fruit from dying a slow death by blackening? Made a loaf as a thoughtful gift for a neighbor? Is it not the "go-to" baked good for moms across America?

In truth, I have made hundreds of loaves of banana bread. I would critique most as just okay but nonetheless, I'd willingly try any recipe. A one shot deal and then off to the next in search of the banana bread to end all banana breads.

It's all about the recipe and finding a good one can be tough. The only one I've truly ever been attached to is my mom's. The only problem with that is I (shamefully?) admit that banana bread isn't worth 2 sticks of butter. Canola oil, let's talk. But butter? I recently discovered the recipe I now turn to when inexpensive breakfast/snack food needs call. Do I have to say it? Williams-Sonoma. Lord you'd think I was a paid spokes person.

Worth trying? Certainly. Worth typing out for this post? No way. You'll find it here.

Sorry, old judgments die hard.


Anonymous said...

Yum! Also odd as we have some dying bananas on the counter and I had just pulled out my recipe book. Now I'm determined to make some banana bread today!

amywb said...

I have also been in pursuit of the ultimate banana bread recipe - all. my. life. Lately, I have been perfecting the "healthy" banana bread that still tastes rich and delicious. When I have that mastered, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'll try to WS recipe.