Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Yellow House In Spring

The yellow house is our second home. Our first house was 3 blocks away - a post war Cape Cod that we loved dearly. When Ella was on the way, and space was a commodity, Doug made it his mission to find us a new house. Our current home had been on the market and was a house that constantly caught our eyes. After our Cape Cod it seemed to be a mansion and so darn cute. After many trials and tribulations, the house was eventually ours. Right away we began to call it The Yellow House to differentiate our homes - the one we were moving out of and the one we were moving into - to keep confusion to a minimum for Jake and Max. It's the only house Ella and Henry know. It's truly a home.

A long while ago, I decided it would be nice to take a photo of the yellow house in each season. Documentation of the home we love would be a nice for the kids. They'll gather around at holidays and peruse pictures remembering how awful it was not live on a cul de sac or in a subdivision. Hopefully though they will remember picnics on the porch, walks to school and how cool the proximity of 7-11 was.

This idea began in the summer - June 2009 specifically. Unfortunately, as with the best laid plans, it fell to the wayside. The roof was really beginning to show its age, and once it was replaced, the sun was wrong or it looked a bit too depressing to photograph on a freezing January day.

Today, I resurrect this plan. It's such a beautiful day the timing seemed perfect.

We love you yellow house. You are our home.

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