Friday, May 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Sunday, at the last minute, Max and I went to the Kane County Flea Market. Flea marketing is something I inherited as has Max so I am assured of a willing partner. I've been in search of what is commonly referred to by some, as "other people's junk", I am proud to say since my pre-teens. My interests come and go. Some things are in the collection forever. Others the collection of the year.

The wind was so insidious we decided to hit our favorite buildings and save outdoor hunts for June. I bee-lined to my favorite vendors. Though I didn't buy any I did see some old photos. I love old photos and some of my collection is on my website. Just a select few of many and no, I don't know any of those people.

As I wound my way through the booths, while Max was looking for old LP's I found myself thinking of other people. People near and dear to me. This book made me think of Doug -King of the Fryer.

It was May Day and this creamer made me think of my Grandmother. She made May baskets with my brother and I and loved violets. I moved some violets from her yard to my first home and then again to the yellow house.

The chalk ware dogs made me think of my mother. She loves anything dog related and has a collection of these vintage ones on her sitting room wall.

My Grandfather had a glass paper weight just like these sitting on his desk. The particular fragrance of that room, old wood and paper, still lives in my memory. Carefully taped in the paperweight was a yellowing Instamatic photo of me, my face covered in cottage cheese. I am sitting in the highchair my Grandfather ate meals in and in turn, my uncle, mother, brother and all four of my children.

I came home with some cool stuff that day, most of which would cause people to question my motives. The best finds were thoughts and memories of people I love and that alone was worth five bucks to get in.

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Anonymous said...

I find myself picking items up that remind me of my childhood or mostly of my grandmother. Pyrex is often on my mental list but i'm a black and white photo fiend as well.