Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Basil Chronicles - Part 4 - The End of the Road

As sad as it is to say, this is the end of the basil chronicles for 2011. Though I am so far behind in sharing lots of summer food projects, this one timed as such, coincides with reluctantly pulling out what is left in the garden before Old Man Winter claims it.

I've heard people talk for years about the virtues of basil cubes and was sort of never smitten with the idea. This summer with 6 monster plants in the garden, I decided to revisit the idea. It's a super easy, fast way to process a bunch of basil. It's inexpensive, too!

Pick the leaves from the stems and throw them in the food processor.

Add a bit of oil or water (I did it both ways) and quickly process to a chunky consistency.

Portion the slurry into ice cube trays and freeze. Viola!

Use them to finish soups, pasta or sauce. Toss a few into a quick vegetable saute.

No pun intended - they make the passing of summer a bit more palatable.

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Edith said...

We call those basil bombs around my house!