Thursday, October 27, 2011

Piles of Plums for Cordial

I know, I know. Plum season lasts about 5 more days. (if you will) Though time is limited, if you can still find them, this delicious sip is worth it on a cold night and the perfect Christmas gift. I bought a ton of plums this season - my fruit compulsion raises it's ugly head....again.

Before their delicious transformation, they were stunning in a vintage orange bowl on the dining table. Lovely.

I decided to make a wine cordial with part of the booty. The appeal of this recipe is allowing the crushed fruit to macerate with the sugar in the fridge for a day. I think I may have taken two with no ill results. As I've said before the multi-step/day processes suit my life perfectly and allow me to attempt things I might other wise pass up.

A bottle of red wine poured into the sweetened fruit and a cup of brandy rounds out the mixture. Back into the pickle jar (Uh, I mean aging container) Thank goodness Grandpa buys the "jumbo" jars of dills for the kids.

Let the fruit infuse the liquid for a few weeks. Once it's done, strain the solids through a sieve gently pressing so you don't lose a drop. An extra straining through butter muslin ensures no bits of pulp in the finished product.


The amethyst color is divine. Sweet and smooth. It warms you to your toes. Before too long we'll really want our toes warm.

Hurry! Go! Buy plums!

Plume Wine Cordial

2 1/2#  plums, pitted and coarsely chopped
2¼ cup sugar
1 bottle of fruity red wine
1 cup brandy

Mash plums and sugar together dissolved. Add plums and all other ingredients to a large jar (pickle size is good) and allow to age for 3 weeks. Shake the jar several times during the resting time. Strain the liquid through a sieve, gently pressing on the solids to extra as much liquid as possible. Pour cordial through a funnel lined with butter muslin in to a clamp top bottle. Let it rest another several weeks. The longer you wait the better it is. An early nip is okay, too.

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