Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Skywalker's Eggs

Henry is a hard core Star Wars fan. He knows the characters and the plots. He knows which one is number one and which one used to be number one but is now number six. Amazing.

It's fairly typical for there to be many very large Star Wars books around that he's hauled home from the library. This last time, he brought a cookbook. Finally, Star Wars on a level I can understand - or so I thought.

After reading through the book Hen decided he would make Twin Sun Toast for breakfast one morning before school.

He read through the recipe and gathered the ingredients. He decided we should use Lily's eggs since they are smaller. I glanced at the recipe - not really paying too much attention. It's a kid's book, right?

My fancy $5 circle cutter set was pressed into service. These are the sun holes. Junie got the insides.

He pre-heated.

He carefully broke the eggs.

He seasoned.

Despite his care and my cooking experience it didn't work for a few reasons. The eggs - any eggs, (even Lily's) are way to big for the holes - if you want it to look like the picture. The instructions don't include toasting one side of bread in the pan before flipping it over to add the eggs. In the picture the top of the bread is very toasty.

After realizing the flaws I overlooked, I told my very sad little Skywalker, I would make it with a few modifications.

Bottom line - it can't be made without copious changes to the recipe for it look remotely like the picture. Kids want expect it to look like the picture. And it should. No cook book should be this way.

When attempting a recipe or selecting a cookbook any cook, should read carefully and thoughtfully, sometimes they aren't right. Sometimes it takes more than once to figure that out. He was so very disappointed. Sad eyes over Twin Sun Eggs are a horrible way to start the day.

We won't make this mistake when we make our R2D2 treats.

Now, is he the gold one or the one that looks like a garbage can?

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Great post, I want twin sun toast.