Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thrift Shop + Wool Sweaters = Inspired Gift Wrap

I love to haunt thrift stores. They are so inspiring for projects and finding that kitchy little something you didn't know you needed. One of the things I love to search for are wool sweaters. I love wool - its feel, its smell and the way it looks after being washed in really hot water. The process of felting wool is unusually gratifying. It's as easy as a load of laundry and creates material with endless possibilities.

I am not one to sew. For years my mother told me someday I would wish I had let her teach me how. Of course, she was right. Someday I will learn but for now felted wool fulfills my desire to create with textiles bug. It also appeals to my desire for a math-less world. (sewing seems like a lot of math)

While preparing for the annual Nourish kitchen gifts class, I was in a quandary for a fresh way to doll-up a mason jar. What would make this jar of deliciousness look as good as it tastes? An epiphany. Why not slide on a felted wool wrap in the style of the coffee cup cozies I've made?

For the non-sewing set, this is perfect. I dug out a red cable knit sweater found amongst the beautiful argyle, pale yellow, red-orange and funky striped sweaters I had bought and felted for....I don't know what. Using my super sharp sewing scissors (a gift from my mother) I cut off the cuff just less than half the height (sort of math) of my 1/2 pint canning jar of goodness.

Because I hadn't the forethought (or patience) to cut the sweater apart prior to washing, the seam was a bit bulky. Buttons were the answer. (I love buttons) But sadly, I suck at sewing them on (Doug has to do his own) so I had to rely on Gorilla Glue. Okay, a bit tacky but it worked. I love immediate crafting gratification.

Super cute and potentially even cuter when the buttons are sewn on in a criss-cross fashion with brightly colored, unmatched thread.

Damn. I wish I could sew.

To find amazing inspiration for your felting projects (before you start to accumulate sweaters) read the blog Resweater. For a detailed how-to check out this tutorial.

Happy Thrifting!


Anonymous said...

Really cute idea!

Resweater said...

Thanks for the mention! Cute jar cuff :)