Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The First Day of School

Where does the time go? I am so far behind I am just sharing the first day of school which was a month six weeks ago. This was a big back-to-school-year so I couldn't not document.

Jake started high school (at my alma mater no less). Can you tell he crammed as much as possible into the last week of summer? Those tired eyes are not an indicator of how excited this social butterfly was to start freshman year.

 This is the first morning in the history of the last 11 years and 2 months Ella has been so bright-eyed in the morning. Our girl's not a morning person. Jake appears to be a bit annoyed by her morning exuberance.

Max escorted his super excited 6th-grade sister to the bus - a big deal for grade school walkers. Max looks more excited, interested in, less pained about starting 8th grade than I expected. I know this is going to be a great year for him.

And then there was one...

...quasi-enthusiastic 2nd-grader being forced into smiles by a mother most likely expounding potty humor.

Where does the time go?

Why does it have to go so fast?


Additionsstyle said...

It does go so fast. I can't believe how they are all so grown up now.

Emily said...

Where does the time go? I love this entry and how you've captured all of your four darlings. Happy autumn Jenn!