Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Basil, Carrots, Beets and Garlic.....Oh My!

And so begins the saving of the garden. With a late spring and kooky summer, it seems that my garden is totally out of whack. Yesterday I pulled a few carrots. They were thrown into a quick pickle, or "quickle" as Max likes to call them, for dinner. They were delicious. Garlic was tied by the boy scout and hung in the garage. I am collecting beets to pickle, too. My hope is to have enough for a few jars. The Downings are known to polish off a jar at lunch.

We finished a 4x recipe of basil pesto today. After many fits and starts, with processor parts and jars, most of it is finally settled into the freezer. One jar was reserved for a special mayo to grace our favorite turkey burgers tonight. Although Henry didn't want to admit it, because it was green, he loved it, too.

Sunday the "Can-Can Club" is meeting for the first time. I am anxious to make jam from the cherries of a few weeks ago, blueberry jam from Michigan berries purchased at Thursday's market as well as herbal dessert syrups from the glut in my garden.

The tension is palpable. How to save all that summer has offered? Berries still to pick, herbs to save, quickles of all types and that's before tomatos and corn comes in.

I can't wait....

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Georgine said...

Everything looks so good! You are quite the garden goddess! I, too am anxious for the Can Can Club to meet - how much fun are we going to have!