Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cake For A Festive Fourth

I am a cookbook junkie and this is my current favorite. I've made several recipes out of it so far and they've all been wonderful. Since I always think of cherries in July, I decided to make a Cherry Upside Down Cake for our festive meal on a dreary 4th of July.

This recipe includes several techniques - a quick caramel to coat the bottom of the baking pan.

Folding beaten egg whites into the finished batter for a great finished texture. Using my new (and steal-of-a-deal) handmixer the job is not nearly the hassle I have always thought it to be. I now believe everyone should have a handmixer in their kitchen.

Line the cherries up like soldiers on the caramel and cover with cake batter.

After an hour in the oven - this is the result. It was beautiful and delicious. Yet another cake for another birthday party!
Happy Birthday USA!

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