Friday, July 31, 2009

Jake is a Teenager!

Oh my gosh - my first baby is 13! Of course, I say it seems just like yesterday that Doug and I were at our wits end for lack of sleep. He was 10 months before he took a "real" nap and 18 months before he slept through the night.

To think that in 5 years he'll be on his way to college is mind boggling. Sometimes 5 years has a tendency to seem like a really long time and then you put it into perspective. Five years ago we didn't have Henry, Ella wasn't in kindergarten, I was only half way through my 30's. It's a reminder to enjoy everyday with my kids....even when it's the final 4 weeks of summer vacation.

Jake is a truly wonderful kid. Kind, empathic, thoughtful and generous. The way he interacts with Henry is amazing, maybe even Noble Peace Prize worthy. I am so glad that we share the same sense of humor and that he has an incredible aestetic for a (gulp) teenage boy.

For the second year running Jake's cake of choice has been classic chocolate, Martha's one bowl version, with a mocha buttercream (thank you Cake Bible). It's sure to be tasty and I hope worthy of a great kid on a milestone birthday.

Happy Birthday, Cakey!

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Georgine said...

Happy Birthday to Jake! The looks like it was worth all the work. I love the birthday photos you take.