Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ella's 10.8th Birthday Party

Ella's Birthday is in June and the summer is a difficult time to have a birthday party. The best laid plans always seem to coincide with vacations, camp and other summertime pursuits so in the last year or two we've had her party in the winter, usually January. This year it was February. Certainly a case for better late than never but parties are fun and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to follow through with the cool plans we'd been talking about for months.

She decided she wanted to have a "Green Party". We used recycled napkins, because they were super cute, but otherwise the serving pieces were re-usable. I set the table with lots of natural stuff and used a scrap of burlap as a table cover.

Rather than dinner she wanted to have snacks so I made a lovely organic crudite with homemade yogurt dill dip served from a Ball jar. They also enjoyed organic grilled chicken skewers, whole wheat tortilla roll ups with turkey and herbed cream cheese and bottled Izzy sodas.

They made unbleached muslin tote bags decorated with patches and scraps of fabric. At the party's end we filled them with pencils, chip wood boxes filled with embroidery floss for braiding, reusable straws and owl shaped tiny erasers.

For dessert there were mini cartons of Ben and Jerry's since they are such a sustainable company and make THE BEST ice cream ever. Ella loves ice cream.

There was a lot of girl fun. Ella and I are already planning our next event.

Like mother like daughter!

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