Friday, March 11, 2011

I Want You To Know....

I feel like I've been offering really lame posts lately. Here's the thing. When I started this little project, I did so for my kids. To document our mundane lives in little moments. Finally admitting that I'll never scrapbook and seeing as how I am 15 years behind a span of 4 kids, this cyber-thing seemed to be the answer.

I posted pictures of the kids, birthday party details, pets, accomplishments and milestones. I throw in a couple of recipes and document full family involvement of our food projects. I never anticipated anyone beside us and perhaps family and close friends reading it. Well, along the way some very kind people decided a peek into the yellow house was worth a few minutes of their precious time. How flattering.

Yesterday while contemplating this I came to a cool realization, an epiphany of sorts. I love epiphanies. The bottom line with this blog is that it's full of things I want my children to know daily, as they grow, go off to start their own lives, and when they settle with the perfect mate and proceed to produce four grandchildren (each). Included in that is stuff that other people may be interested in, too.

To that end, I'm beginning, I Want You To Know...

What is it that I want them to know? How to stock a pantry, entertain drop in guests, where to keep the ketchup and stories about family that shouldn't be lost.

Maybe along to the way they'll be something you'd be glad to know, too. I hope so.

Now if I can just the song lyrics out of my head....

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