Sunday, November 6, 2011

Apple-Ginger-Cranberry Pie - Two Ways

Last week I taught a pie making class. I love pie and never make them often enough. In my head it becomes this lengthy process and mess. It's not. It never is. My show/tasting pie was this one...

It's is a William-Sonoma recipe for an Apple, Ginger, Cranberry Pie made for a William-Sonoma class. Can you say Thanksgiving? The recipe can be found here. At class's end there were apples and cranberries leftover. Since I don't like to waste food I decided to make pie at home, too.

And then I thought - since there are many of us why not make two pies? I already had a double crust made, so it was immediately easy to get a case of lazy and not make two more crusts. I didn't have much crystallized ginger left either but always have lots and lots of cinnamon of all types. (if the world is truly ending I am your cinnamon source). I added a sprinkle of ground ginger, too just...because.

A crumb or streusel top pie seemed to be the ticket to pie land. It screams dessert AND breakfast. Some flour, grated butter and brown sugar rubbed together was lovely. More cinnamon and ginger. Some of the ginger was crystallized.

About an hour later I had dessert (to accompany this beef stew) and the next day's breakfast.

The moral (or morals) of the story? Recipes aren't always necessary. Necessity is the mother of invention and can force you to think outside the recipe box. Additionally, crumb toppings are an easy way to throw a pie together quickly. And finally, note that with the addition of vanilla ice cream this pie is pretty much like eating a super healthy breakfast cereal.

Remember this: make pie, be creative, enjoy the process and Wheaties are not the only healthy way to start your day.

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