Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cake in a Can

Cake is my favorite food. In any shape. In any flavor. Cakes me supremely happy. Supremely. Now that's happy.

When working on my kitchen gifts class for nourish I came across some inspiration via Martha. Big surprise. Cake in a can. Come on.

I also love to recycle tin cans. Remember? How does she get into my head?

Could cake in a can get any better as a sweet gift? Yes. There is beer in it. We're so in tune - Martha and I.

Simple would be an understatement. An easily  tossed together quick cake full of pantry spicy goodness...and stout. Generously buttered 19oz. cans are the baking vessel.

In my excitement to do this project, I grabbed 4 pop-top cans of soup. Without thinking, the proper size was procured but see that little rim? Trouble.

When I explained my situation to my dear in-need-of-distraction-friend Kelli, she directly asked, "Will they come out?" My direct response was "I have no idea."  Long story short they did not and it didn't matter much because I dug them out and ate them anyway. Call it a purposeful illustration for class attendees. Call it an unthinking oversight. Whatever. It's cake.

Per Martha the cakes are removed from the cans, the cans washed and dried and then the cakes are returned to the can for giving. The show must go on and I made my tasty cakes darling for giving. A simple parchment circle punched with a $1 star stamp with a bright green rubber band to secure it. The other can I wrapped in scrapbook paper and placed in a cello bag with a cute handmade tag.

Let's return to the issue of cake. This cake tastes like Christmas. If there were an official taste of Christmas this is it. Really. Plus it's cake. AND it's baked in a can.

First, buy the right kind of can.

Then, read this great blog by a baker with cans of the right size.

Happy Christmas Cake!


Anonymous said...

You could buy one of those one touch can openers if they are still out there that take the entire lid off the can and voila! a no rim can for easy and safe removal of the cake. =]

Anonymous said...

I've heard of cake in a jar, but never cake in a can. What a creative gift for the holidays!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

oh interesting, i've never seen anything like this before.