Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Exception To The Rule

I will start this post with a few personal statements of fact.

#1 - Food should only be the color nature intended it to be. Treats made with marshmallows and cereal should not be blue or green. Frosting shouldn't be violet.

#2 - Food should not be shaped into weird things. Cookie cutter sandwiches, okay. Lamb-shaped butter, molded meat, weird.

#3 - We pack a lot of lunches in the yellow house.

#4 - Bento boxes are cool.

#5 - There are always exceptions to every rule.

The above product was recently found on the shelves of one of my favorite kitchenware stores. As a part of my job with said kitchen ware store, I get to try some cool and not so cool products. When the above Egg Design Molds made their appearance, I was sort of grossed out. (see number 2 above)

A still warm-ish peeled hard-cooked egg is placed into half of the mold. The molds look like bears, bunnies, hearts and stars.

The two halves are clipped together pressing the egg into the mold. It's fairly easy to do.

My lovely assistance Ella did all of the work.

The mold with the egg inside is then allowed to chill in an ice water bath. The slightly warm boiled egg when mashed into the shape of a bunny face and iced down emerges....

...a hard boiled egg in the shape of a bunny face.

Now based on a a few of the above statements of personal fact, you may think I am being negative, sarcastic or down-right nasty. You would be wrong.

These delightfully shaped eggs have a place. Inspired by the beautiful cuisine found in a bento box this is a fun way to approach breakfast or lunch for a little one. An ace in the hole for the parent of a picky eater. At the very least envious glances at the lunch table.

My children are passed the age to appreciate an investment in these little tools, but if they were younger I think I would. I encourage this bit of fun for the sake of a healthy lunch. If this were to ensure your child got a good dose of protein in the middle of the day, wouldn't you agree?

Please note: In effort for full disclosure this endorsement comes from a woman with way too many sandwich cutters and mini pie molds.

And if you dye anything weird colors you're on your own.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess the bunny is less disturbing than mashing the egg into a chick.