Friday, November 11, 2011

Hipstamatic Henry

Though I know I am far behind, I've finally installed Hipstamtic onto my phone. I love old photos - even of people I don't know (check out my website). Making today look vintage makes me very, very happy.

Last weekend, as we approached Henry's 8th birthday, he wanted to lie down with me before going to his own room. Really, who am I to say no? It means he will fall asleep and poor Doug will carry him off to bed - forty pounds of dead weight - before climbing into bed himself.  He is a patient man. As my children get older, my idea of "cuddly baby" gets larger so I make this work. Call it adaptation. After he drifted off, just before the baby snores started, I snapped some pics. (okay, maybe like 20 or 30)

In my mind he's still only two.

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