Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mother & Apple Sauce (Cake) Prevail

A week or two ago I made a big batch of apple sauce with a bunch of apples gotten for a steal at an end-of-the-season market. My children love apple sauce so I try to keep it around in season for lunch boxes, morning oatmeal or to add fruit to (or extend) a meal. After making quarts and quarts of applesauce I have used several different methods. Peeling, not peeling, food processor, masher, immersion blender, food mill. All have been well received with no complaining. Most recently, I used a method I can't recall but know I didn't include peeling. I planned to spin it through the Vitamix to see what it would turn into. Stopping just short of completely obliterating the thought this sauce ever had anything to do with an apple, I was happy with the color and flavor. The texture was a bit too silky of my taste but it was an experiment. Truth be told I was not remotely concerned with the small flecks of apple skin. It's never been an issue before. This should have been my first clue it would be an issue.

Of course, I was wrong and after attempting to serve it one more time Doug told me the kids didn't like it because there are skins in it. Seriously? They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I made applesauce cake.

Brown sugar, bit of butter, eggs. Some flour, leavening and warm spices. Can you see the skins because I can't.

 I chose to bake it in a Bundt pan because Bundt cakes look special. A bit rough on the top but nonetheless lovely. Though it calls for raisins and nuts - I did without. Can you imagine the consequences of those textural issues?

This recipe from Gale Gand is moist, delicious and simple. Try it for yourself with rejected homemade (or purchased) apple sauce. An autumnal treat from a hometown baker, the kids have been scarfing it down.

HA! Who's eatin' apple skin now?

A mother always prevails.

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