Thursday, November 10, 2011

Needed: Recycled, Weather-Proof Ornaments

Thanks to my 2nd grade wolf scouts I have been challenged to get my craft on again. I realized three days ago yesterday's meeting was the only opportunity for the boys to make ornaments for the pack tree down on the Riverwalk. Our next meeting as after the tree lighting so I had to channel my inner Martha - or my inner Martha staff member - fast.

Since our focus this month is on the environment, I wanted the ornament to work into that theme in tandem with the broad scouting theme. Back to the felted sweater collection for up-cycyled and weather-tolerant ideas.

With the help of a few online templates I came up with what the kids and I decided (hoped) looked like a wolf. Max's idea of the neckerchief completed the look.

My pale yellow thrift store score worked as a neckerchief. I wish it was gold. Can you say com-pul-sive?

A brownish-gray sweater lent itself to wolf fur. The charcoal gray be came noses.


I was lucky I only had to make eight though the cutting took far less time than I had anticipated - even with crappy scissors. I hid my beautiful sewing scissors so the kids didn't confiscate them for ridiculous things. Now I can't remember where I put them.

Parts in order. The original button eyes concept became big black sequins - glinting wolf eyes. Again, the fabulous Max suggested a golden sequin to act as a neckerchief slide. Pre-threaded embroidery floss allowed the boys to string a hanger on easily.

Tiny patient fingers used weather-proof glue to apply the eyes, nose and slide. I found the neckerchief required a quick whip stitch across the back to secure it. Not even a big deal for the sewing challenged leader.

The final product.

I am pleased with the final result and I love how all aspects of the achievement at hand were tied together (though I am mostly likely the only one present to have noticed). I love a good connection.

Onward to the next project. Wad of shrunken sweaters under my arm.

Martha's staff has nothing on me.