Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy All Saints Day!

The  night before Halloween, giddy with anticipation, Henry asked me where "Halloween comes from." Taking a deep breath to allow me moments to think (all parents have been there before) I was proud, when in the depths of my cob web infused brain, I was able find some Halloween information.

I told the story of All Hallow's Eve and led into All Saint's Day. Gaining confidence, I added the meaning of Trick or Treat. Of course, it was all done in 2nd grade speak - making it far easier for mom to spin a yarn and sound really smart.

This was the first year in 15, I haven't made a costume. Doug and Henry did some shopping to create a Luke Skywalker in black. There is a name for this and I've been told no less than 20 times but it again escapes me. Jedi? Max fashioned a light saber holder and pocket for important space stuff out of duct tape which hung on an old, black belt cut down to Henry-size.

Ella chose to be a hippy. Especially nice since most of her costume will be worn again. Bonus: the hairstyle works with her distaste for styling products, combs, brushes, etc. No need for a mother/daughter Halloween cat fight.

Jake was a 15 year old consuming mass quantities of food. (his friends dressed as the same) Max had multiple costumes, one was a greaser with his new black leather jacket. Because Dad was sick and Mom is lame, Max, dressed in army garb, volunteered to cruise the neighborhood with Luke. Here they are with Jack O' Lantern faces.

Doug, inspired by a slide show on Facebook recreated this amazing lantern. He is truly an artist. After the original tiny pumpkin fell to the floor (a la Humpty Dumpty) he replaced it with a spaghetti squash.

My greatest contribution (besides shopping at Claire's Boutique and making sloppy joes) was June's ensemble. Since I call her "Bug" it seemed fitting to recycle Ella's ladybug wings from her 2nd Halloween. A black tulle skirt completed the look. She clearly wanted to be where the action was. After 15 minutes she forgot she was wearing the bug costume and spent the evening greeting Trick-or-Treaters. I have no shame for my dog-costume antics. It makes me laugh.

The weather was lovely, friends stopped by and there are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups leftover.

I hope your Halloween was wonderful, your costumes creative and that you are able to scam some good stuff out your kids' treat bags when they are at school.

Even saints need candy.

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